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   "Those Splendid Horsemen"

   Company K of the 6th West Virginia Cavalry was organized from the 3rd West Virginia Mounted Infantry in Jan 1864. It operated in the Eastern Theater of operations performing scouting and guard operations until it was reorganized and remounted in July and August of 1864 in Maryland. It remained in Maryland until the close of the war. In June 1865, the regiment was transfered to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where it performed patrol and escort duties operating against hostile Indians until it was finally mustered out of service in may 1866.
   Company F, 17th Virginia Cavalry, the Nighthawk Rangers, was formed from personnel taken from Wood Jackson, Wirt, and Roane counties. Originally organized as Company N of the 14th Virginia Cavalry, the company was assigned to the 17th Virginia upon the regiment's reorganization in 1862. Serving the Confederate cause throughout the war, the unit found itself finally at Appomattox. After taking part in the final battles, the unit decided to not surrender with the Army and cut their was through the Union lines intending to join Gen. Johnson's forces in the Carolina's. When word of General Lee's surrender reached them however, the unit disbanded. Some of the men turned themselves into local authorities and were paroled, but most of the members went directly home and never took the oath of allegiance. Thus they were and always will be Rebels.
   The mounted members of the WVRA are proud to portray the members of Company K of the 6th West Virginia Cavalry and Company F of the 17th Virginia Cavalry. We honor the memory of those loyal patrons that fought in the Civil War.
For more information regarding the 6th West Virginia Cavalry & 17th Virginia Cavalry, you may contact:

Porter Stiles (brrstiles@aol.com)
1258 Bell Run RD.
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